Peace and cooperation

openness and inclusiveness

Mutual learning

win-win approach

Serve the “Belt and Road Initiative” and develop the “Silk Road Craftsman” talents

Overseas Study

Study abroad

Cooperative Education

Application on School-running Cooperation of Beijing Qiushi Vocational School by Cooperating with Beijing Weco International Education and Culture Co., Ltd.

International Curriculum

International courses

Discussion & Exchange

Discussion and exchange

Vocational Contest

Professional competition

“Silk Road Craftsmen” International Skills Competition
Cooperative Education
Results Show
The alliance will adhere to the Silk Road spirit “peaceful cooperation, open and inclusive, exchange and mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation”, take cooperation model exploration as breakthrough point, take talent cultivation as acting point, take resource sharing as key point, establish education and exchange platform for schools in the alliance by co-cultivation, teacher-student interaction, skill contest, presidents forum etc., focus on creating brand of “Silk Road Craftsmen” International Skills Competition and serve economic and social development of the countries along the Silk Road.
Member units of “Silk Road Craftsmen” International Cooperation Alliance of Vocational Schools

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