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Sign a contract with universal resort to reach cooperation intention
<p style="line-height: 2em;">On June 27, 2019, our school signed a contract with global resort and reached a cooperation intention. In 2020, the global talent reserve class for tourism service and management, entertainment facilities operation and maintenance will officially open.</p><p style="line-height: 2em;">The school adheres to the construction of Art Troupe as the starting point, and strengthens the moral education of students, which has highlighted the effectiveness and attracted much attention. More than 20 news media, including,, Beijing TV, Beijing News, modern education news, deputy central TV and deputy central news, reported that the school&#39;s social image has been further improved and its regional social influence has been significantly expanded.</p><p style="white-space: normal; text-align: center; line-height: 2em;"><img src="" alt="" title="" style="width: 1080px; height: 720px;" width="1080" vspace="0" height="720" border="0"/></p><p><br/></p>

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