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Ministry of human resources and social security: during the 14th five year plan, efforts will be made in six aspects, including the development of technician education
<p style="line-height: 2em;">People&#39;s daily, Beijing, December 18 (Xinhua) this morning, the State Council Information Office held a press conference. Tang Tao, Vice Minister of the Ministry of human resources and social security, said at the meeting that the key work of the &quot;fourteenth five year plan&quot; includes six aspects, including the further implementation of vocational skills promotion action and the vigorous development of technician education.</p><p style="line-height: 2em;">At the press conference, a reporter asked, &quot;in the proposal of the 14th five year plan, it is proposed to strengthen the cultivation of innovative, applied and skilled talents. This is the first time that a new formulation has been put forward. What are the considerations in the work of skilled talents in the period of the 14th five year plan?&quot;? Will major projects and projects be launched at the national level?</p><p style="line-height: 2em;">Tang Tao responded that during the &quot;14th five year plan&quot; period, according to the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee, there are three words: enter a new stage, implement new ideas, and build a new pattern of development. Our country should strengthen the supply and demand of skilled talents.</p><p style="line-height: 2em;">Tang Tao said that on the one hand, we should speed up the structural reform of the supply side of human resources, and we should do several aspects of work in the supply of talents, especially skilled talents: first, we should implement the vocational training work of the &quot;14th five year plan&quot;. Now we are carrying out the vocational skills promotion action, and the intensity of vocational training should be increased, and the work should be done better. Take the development of technical education as an important starting point, speed up the training of a large number of high-quality workers and technical talents, and alleviate the existing structural employment contradiction. The so-called structural employment contradiction means that on the one hand, there are people who have nothing to do, on the other hand, there are people who have nothing to do. We should solve this structural contradiction well. In addition, in promoting the optimization and upgrading of the industrial chain and supply chain, the supply of skilled workers should be strengthened to shape the advantages of made in China and created in China.</p><p style="line-height: 2em;">On the other hand, it is necessary to provide support for expanding domestic demand, Tang said. In the fifth plenary session, the government should play an important role in stimulating and guiding the growth of domestic demand for talents. At the same time, we should promote 200 million skilled workers to become middle-income groups, so as to have a solid foundation in expanding domestic demand. This is also a positive contribution to expanding domestic demand and promoting consumption.</p><p style="line-height: 2em;">Tang Tao pointed out that the key work of the 14th five year plan includes six aspects</p><p style="line-height: 2em;">First, strengthen the top-level design, strengthen the incentive and commendation. We are ready to formulate the &quot;fourteenth five year&quot; plan for vocational training and the &quot;fourteenth five year&quot; plan for the development of mechanic education while formulating the &quot;fourteenth five year&quot; plan for human resources and social undertakings.</p><p style="line-height: 2em;">The second is to further improve vocational skills. This action has been implemented for nearly two years. Next year will be the focus. In the future, this action will be more effective. We should promote the implementation of various special training plans. At the same time, we should grasp two problems: one is to improve the quality of training, the other is to strengthen the supervision of funds. There are two aspects to be done in improving the quality of training: raising the subsidy standard and further expanding the scope.</p><p style="line-height: 2em;">Third, we should vigorously develop technician education. At present, there are nearly 2400 technical schools with 3.6 million students. Every year, 1 million technical school graduates enter the ranks of industrial workers and skilled workers. This work should be done well.</p><p style="line-height: 2em;">Fourth, organize and carry out major activities. Actively prepare for the 46th world competition in Shanghai. One belt, one road, second provinces, China and other provinces, and the skills competition of China and other provinces will be carried out.</p><p style="line-height: 2em;">Fifth, strengthen infrastructure construction and capacity building. We should strengthen the development of new occupations, revise the classification of occupations, strengthen vocational training, and do a good job in promoting the teaching reform of work study integration.</p><p style="line-height: 2em;">Sixth, it is necessary to further do a good job in the poverty alleviation work of skills in poverty-stricken areas, especially in the &quot;thousand school action&quot; of skill poverty alleviation in technical schools, improve the pertinence of training, and further consolidate the existing achievements of poverty alleviation.</p>

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