"One belt, one road" craftsmen alliance helps boost youth dream on Silk Road
<p style="line-height: 2em;">The second &quot;Silk Road youth dream gathering&quot; recently came to a successful conclusion in Beijing. One belt, one road craftsman alliance, was jointly sponsored by the Silk Road City Alliance and the big Han holding group in April 14th to provide a continuous driving force for the Silk Road youth dream exchange.</p><p style="line-height: 2em;">One belt, one road initiative, is the first craftsman League in the world to provide occupation skills training and employment guidance for young people, promote artisan spirit and serve the national strategy. The event was affirmed and supported by many people at home and abroad, including former Prime Minister Yuri Ivanovich yehanorov of Ukraine, vice chairman of the public committee of the Russian Ministry of culture, hayr lemontov, President of the World Ceramic Association, tobian kawasber, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Montenegro, Georgia, Cyprus and Maoist Ambassadors and senior diplomats to China from Mauritania, Libya, Grenada and Macedonian; LV Fengding, former deputy director of the office of the Central Foreign Affairs Leading Group and honorary chairman of the China Public Diplomacy Association and the Silk Road cities alliance; Zhou Li, former Vice Minister of the joint Ministry of the CPC and former ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Ukraine; Lu Shu, President of the United Nations Association of China and former executive vice president of the foreign affairs association Wang Min, Professor of China Institute of education and social development, Beijing Normal University, song Guilun, former Secretary of Social Work Committee of Beijing Municipal Party committee and director of Beijing Social Construction Office; Xin Jianping, inspector of Hunan Federation of trade unions; Tan Xiaoping, member of Standing Committee of Changsha Municipal Party committee and head of United Front Work Department; Huan Wangmin, deputy director of Management Committee of Hunan Wangcheng economic development zone; School of music and drama, Aocheng University, USA Mark Parker, President, Fan Yang, vice president of China National Academy of painting, Ferenc Janos cako, founder of famous sand painting performance and Hungarian national artist, Li Xiaoming, executive vice president of Lansi technology, Wu Haoren, vice chairman of Hunan tea group and tea master, etc.</p><p style="line-height: 2em;">The Silk Road youth of 70 countries present witnessed the establishment of the alliance. Yuri Ivanovic yehanorov, former Prime Minister of Ukraine, and his wife, khail lemontov, vice chairman of the public committee of the Russian Ministry of culture (middle), tobian kawasber, chairman of the International Ceramic Society &quot;One belt, one road one belt, one road&quot; was established to actively respond to the &quot;one belt and one road&quot; initiative, carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of international artisans, promote the development of occupation education in the world, enhance the level of training of skilled personnel in various countries, promote the construction of high-quality technical talents, and help to build the community of human destiny. The one belt, one road craftsman alliance, chairman of the group of CO sponsors and Mr. Fu Shenglong, founder of the Great Han international craftsman Institute, said that the &quot;one way and one way craftsman union&quot; will respect the craftsman&#39;s status, stick to the craftsman&#39;s spirit, propagate craftsman culture and serve craftsmen, carry out public lecture, hold craftsman spirit forum and develop craftsmen Union in the spirit of voluntary equality, mutually beneficial cooperation, symbiotic and common prosperity, and win-win development. In order to spread craftsman culture, advocate high-quality products, comprehensively carry out quality improvement actions, hold world craftsman&#39;s products trade fair, speak for craftsman&#39;s products, provide product display and evaluation, and promote craftsman&#39;s products trade; To cultivate talents, inherit skills, hold the world craftsman skills competition, promote the construction of high-quality skilled talents, provide craftsman talents support for industrial development, and hold the world craftsman conference with the mission of serving craftsmans.</p><p style="line-height: 2em;">One belt, one road, and another area will be a cultural exchange between artisans and other countries and regions along the way. The one belt, one road craftsman league&#39;s proposal, Fu Shenglong, director of the Changsha International Committee of the craftsmen, and the United Front Secretary Tan Xiaoping, said the Great Han international craftsman&#39;s establishment is a trend for the cultivation of craftsmen, and it is urgent and realistic to solve the problem. Liu Shuquan, executive director of the Han Han international craftsman Institute, the director of the international workshop of the craftsmen, has read the &quot;proposal of the&quot; artisan alliance of the &quot;one belt&quot;. The establishment of one belt, one road craftsman alliance is not only to train skilled talents together with the strength of the industry, but also to arouse the awareness of the whole society and to convey the idea of carving, improving and pursuing perfection. Antithetical couplet minister Tan Xiaoping, one belt, one road craftsman League, was founded by the chairman of the Changsha Municipal Committee of the Hunan Municipal Committee and the head of the United Front Work Department.</p><p style="line-height: 2em;">It is reported that the world craftsman Congress is planned to be held in 2020, and cooperation bases will be established in more than 15 cities and regions. At that time, domestic and international craftsmen will be attracted to join the alliance, carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, build a community of common destiny for global craftsmen, and create a better life together.</p><p><br/></p>

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