Beijing Fangshan Vocational School
Beijing Fangshan Vocational School

(I) History of the school

Fangshan Vocational School was formerly known as “Five Seven" University in Fangshan County, established in 1975; in 2002, multiple schools merged to form Fangshan Vocational School, which was subordinate to the District Bureau of Adult Education; in 2009, the school was transferred to the District Education Committee; in 2011, the former Henan Secondary School was abolished and the campus was transferred to Fangshan Vocational School, realizing one school with two locations.

(II) The present basic situation of the school

The school covers an area of 51,297.19 sq.m. There are 7 full-time majors and 7 amateur adult secondary school majors. There are 86 teaching staff, including one special grade teacher, 15 district-level key teachers and classroom teachers; 1,060 students are enrolled in the school, and the school completes a large social classroom for primary and secondary school students, open practice courses, short- and medium-term training for adults and closed training within the system over 10,000 times a year.

With the strong support of leaders at all levels and led by the spirit of "self-improvement and determination to achieve", the school has developed into a key vocational school at the provincial and ministerial level and is a UNESCO national experimental school for education for sustainable development, a school of the 20-year excellence team for education for sustainable development in China, a member school of vocational education for intangible cultural heritage in China, a municipal Red Flag Unit, a municipal textbook research unit, a lifelong learning base for citizens, a municipal staff continuing education base, a municipal new vocational farmer training base, a municipal social classroom resource unit for primary and secondary schools, and a municipal vocational skills training base for disabled people, a standard school for people's satisfaction in the district, a civilized unit in the district, an advanced grass-roots party organization in the district education system, and the first prize in the district comprehensive evaluation of quality education for 15 consecutive years.


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